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Sunday, February 22, 2015

               Monday Feb 16
        Palm Creek Diamondbacks  23   Robson Ranch Raptors        33

          Palm Creek Diamondbacks  15   Sundance Colts   7
         Palm Creek  Sidewinders  8  Robson Ranch Raptors    4

  Palm Creek Rattlers      15     Fiesta Grande Amigos    16
   Palm Creek Copperheads  0   Robson Ranch Rangers     7 
                           Tuesday Feb 17

      Palm Creek Sidewinders  16  Sundance Colts                3


 Palm Creek Diamondbacks  18 Fiesta Grande Scorpions      12

 Robson Ranch Raptors  22  Sundance Colts             10

  Robson Ranch Rangers  16 Sundance Mustangs        7

  Palm Creek Roadrunners  13 Palm Creek Rattlers  17 

Thursday Feb 19

Robson Ranch Raptors  10

         Fiesta Grande Scorpions  9


Palm Creek Sidewinders  8
 Palm Creek Diamondbacks  3

  Robson Ranch Rangers  14
 Palm Creek Roadrunners  7

  Palm Creek Copperheads  18
Sundance Mustangs           10       

 Palm Creek Copperheads  14
 Fiesta Grande Amigos          5

Join your friends and come out to the ball fields on Monday Feb. 23, Tuesday Feb 24 and Thursday Dec 26 and cheer on your favorite team in the end of the season play offs.
stay tuned for the announcement of the league Champs.




The softball season is coming to an end.
there will be play off games next week on Monday , Tuesday and Thursday.
come out to the softball field and enjoy watching the games for the champions of Palm Creek Softball League

Monday, February 16, 2015

The sun is out and it is a great time to go out to the softball field and watch some great guys  and gals  play ball.

Come out and support your Palm Creek Teams! This is last week of the season and playoffs will be held next week.
Come and cheer your favorite player and team.

Tuesday Feb 17
9:00 AM Sundance VS Robson
10:15 AM Sundance VS PC Sidewinders
11:30 AM PC Diamondbacks VS Fiesta Grande
(double header)
12:45 PM PC Rattlers VS PC Roadrunners
2:00 PM Sundance VS Robson

Thursday Feb 19
9:00 AM Robson VS PC Roadrunners
10:15 AM PC Copperheads VS Sundance
11:30 AM Robson VS Fiesta Grande
2:00 PM PC Sidewinders VS PC Diamondbacks

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Last Weeks Scores:
Monday Feb 2

Palm Creek Diamondbacks "B" 14

Robson Ranch Raptors "B" 10
Fiesta Grande Scorpions "B" 15

Sundance Colts "B" 9
Robson Ranch Rangers "C" 18

Palm Creek Rattlers "C"   1
Tuesday Feb 3
Palm Creek Sidewinders 23
Palm Creek Diamondbacks 12  "B"
Robson Ranch Raptors 22
Sundance Colts  0           "B"
Robson Ranch Raptors 16
Fiesta Grande Scorpion 9    "B"
 Palm Creek Copperheads 19
Palm Creek Roadrunners  6  "C"
Sundance Mustangs 15
Fiesta Grande Amigos 10    "C"
Thursday Feb 5
to be announced
Games for week of Feb 9
Monday Feb 9
11:30 AM PC Copperheads VS Robson
12:45 PM Robson VS Fiesta Grande
Tuesday Feb 10
9:00 AM Fiesta Grande VS PC Sidewinders
10:15 AM PC Sidewinders VS Robson
11:30 AM PC Diamondbacks VS Sundance
12:45 PM Sundance VS PC Rattlers
2:00 PM PC Roadrunners VS Fiesta Grande
Thurs. Feb 12
9:00 AM PC Rattlers VS Robson
10:15 AM Fiesta Grande VS Sundance
11:30 AM PC Roadrunner VS PC Copperheads
12:45 PM PC Diamondbacks VS Robson
2:00 PM Sundance VS Fiesta Grande
70 + TOURNAMENT   February 13 & 14
Watch for Schedule Posting

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Rain has stopped and it's a new week of softball here at Palm Creek.

This weeks schedule:

Tuesday Feb. 3
9:00 AM Robson VS Fiesta Grande
10:15 AM Robson VS Sundance
11:30 AM PC Sidewinders VS PC Diamondbacks
12:45 PM Sundance VS Fiesta Grande
2:00 PM PC Copperheads VS PC Roadrunners

Thursday Feb 5
9:00 AM Sundance VS PC Sidewinders
10:15 AM PC Roadrunners VS Sundance
11:30 AM PC Rattlers VS  PC Copperheads
12:45 PM  Fiesta Grande VS Robson
2:00 PM Fiesta Grande VS PC Diamondbacks

See you at the games:::::::::